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I have some of Romios Gold, and am convinced that this company is doing all the right things, has the money they need, and are situated very close to a strong company that should one day bec.ome interested in taking them over.

But it has slid all the way to 16 cents a share?

Wazzup? Can somebody shed some light?

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Someone doesn't like the

Someone doesn't like the stock as much as you and they made the last sell. It's possible if you look up the company at Sedar there may be something in their legal filings that will jump out at you.  Stockhouse is good for rumors, outright b.s. and a very occasional legit analysis. They never seemed to recover from the takedown last Sept. and they seem to hang their hat on their proximity to Galore Creek.  Is there something going on with that  which would keep the investment dollars away from a microcap with a kind of high share count?

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Romios :(

They had 3 drill rigs going last year and their drill results were horrible. Everyone was expecting very high copper grades mixed in with some gold and by the end they were announcing rare earth element drill results because the copper and gold grades were so bad.  I still think they have a good chance because the historical drill results show very high grade copper results.  Hopefully this years drilling results will be better or they will only be bought as land for Novagold to build a mill and for transport.


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