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175 - Simple Pair Trading Strategies?

Howdy folks - an obsessive daily follower of the markets including all of TF, ZH, SGS, Jesse's Café, etc etc but am just a recent graduate and don't have the big bucks to play with leverage and dabble in buying/selling of options, let alone having a margin account at Lind-MFing Global which I tried to start about a year ago per Turd's recommendation.

Anyway, I've started messing around on a bit and have had a decent amount of success with a small pile of money that I am hoping to keep growing, but was wondering if anyone had some good strategies or some other sources to follow that provide valuable information about pair trades, correlations btw stocks, statistical arbitrage and all the rest.

If not, I still felt like it may add some value to someone else to check out the site and see if it is for them. I realize in order for them to be operational there's gotta be some sort of hitch (like any casino, whether wall st or mob owned) so that they make a profit, but I still think by choosing intelligently one could make decent money there in relatively short periods of time - whether by technical skill or the occasional dumb luck.

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