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The Vote

I have a few questions from a thought that was prompted by a video link posted on main st. ;


In reporting election results, and for this discussion I am referring to national elections, news agencies always report as candidate X received X% of the vote, candidate Y received X% of the vote, etc.

The winner of the election is determined by which candidate received the largest percentage or largest amount of votes of the total vote.

My questions are then; If the total percentage, or total number of votes cast is below 50.1% of the total number of eligible/registered voters, was there a valid quorum met?

And if not, was the election valid? 

And if not, wouldn't that require a new election?

How many elections were held that failed to garner more than 50.1% participation of eligible/registered voters?

If there was even 1 election held with a failed quorum and without a re-vote held, is everything after the failed quorum vote null and void?

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