Golden Minerals (AUMN)

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Golden Minerals (AUMN)

I have been following AUMN for awhile and after dropping back from $25 I think this is a steal.  What is every ones take on AUMN? They seem to have things back on track.  Anyone know anything I don't?  I am a strong buyer at $9.00!!

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Golden Minerals..opinion

Speculative Buy. Target $54............i read that somewhere.Wouldn't it be welcome!

I,m in at $13~,so underwater now. That said,i do believe management is on the ball and making solid gains.Since the merger with ECU silver,in september, G.M. has "tweaked" the Velardena mine and shown very good better grade recovered in the mill process. I believe they have over 30million cash.  The Velardena complex is loaded with silver{and massive sulphide deposits} and Golden's other flagship property is also very rich.New report due end of march.

I also believe the miners are getting targeted by naked short sellers and other sophisticated  methods.Often,it seems like G.M. is "capped" more than other similar mining stocks.Some of us wonder if its because Bill Murphy owns  a big chunk!

I would like to see owners and regulators do more to stop this  crime. 

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Buying here

Just doubled up on my small position. Downside seems very limited from here.

Potential moonshot.



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