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Anyone else thinking that it is a good time to get into Avion Gold?  They will be producing over 100k ounces this year and they just had some pretty good drill results.  51.63 g/t over 8 meters......  At $1.50 a share, I likey :)


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Casey Research also likes

Casey Research also likes Avion Gold. I'm trying to free up some cash, will try to look for a good entry level.  I also have some GPL which has moved up nicely from the low $2.00 range.     

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yes yes...lets watch Avion

I like it as well..... but looking at the chart is showing a caution right now.....the wave structure is looking like a bear flag  at this 1.50 price area....like a wave 4 with the next wave going down...I see  the target area might be around 1.20- 1.00 area

1.50 feels a bit too high to me .

and since we just had the Upwave in miners and precious metals in January....looking like it is correcting now.... Avion might just  fall  in the coming week to give us that better bargain.

There arent many miners that are in bargain buy zones right now....Avion might get there  in the coming days.

Its always a best guess.....of course 1.50 could hold base here , but   in these days of market manipulation, slamming down the miners,  it makes sense to me to expect the next wave Down, when you see the  chart pointing to it, and always looking for the lowest bottom targets. I like the idea of buying Avion at 1.10 and selling some at 2.10 area.

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Streaming Avion


Pages%2Bfrom%2BAvion%2BCorporate%2BPrese Avion Gold Corp - AVR.t is focused on West Africa and holds 80% of the Tabakoto and Ségala gold projects in Mali. Gold production commenced at these projects in 2009 with just over 138,660 ounces of gold produced to date. 2011 production is estimated to be 100,000 ounces.
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Avion is a funny one. It

Avion is a funny one. It never participated in the recent rally in spite of being a profitable producer, I guess mainly because it had some production problems. Hard to say where it will base for sure, but likely, right in the area it is in now. Its got a bloated share structure at 467mm so you have to be comfortable with that.

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