Nat geo.....Prepping show

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Nat geo.....Prepping show

Anyone catch the show last night......There was both good and bad in it IMO.

Since it is going to be a running series, I thought it would be good to discuss the good and bad of what we see other preppers doing as the show goes along.

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Pax Argentum
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Entertainment Value Only

I saw a bit of it.

My first take is that it's only a step above entertainment shows like 'Walking Dead' or 'Falling Skies' or over-the-top 'reality' shows like 'Swamp People'.  Not designed to inform but to entertain (sells ads, generates revenue, I get it).

For those serious about being prepared, there are plenty of places to get high quality, hatred-free, bigotry-free and violence-free information out there.

If you really don't know where to start, here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Download the FEMA guide to preparedness. What, didn't know there was one?

Find it here:

As an example, from page 33, the guide recommends that you keep food and water for at least 3 days (and preferably 2 weeks) at your home and a similar short-term kit in your car and at your work place. Think about that, emergency food and water with you everywhere you go. Think that's crazy and only for tin-foil hat wearing whackos? It's right there in the guide. Our grandparents would call it common sense.

2. For an intermediate to advanced lesson on preparedness, check out Jim Rawles' site at or the excellent homesteading blog Paratus Familia here

There are literally dozens of other sites out there, some quality, some pure drivel and some merely ignorant. Keep your discernment filters on and you'll find one or two that are right for you. Now proceed to #3 below...

3. Keep in mind that the U.S. has been on a 'Trade Freedom for Security' trend for the past 10 years and certain folks in positions of power have taken FULL advantage of that. Witness the abomination that is the PATRIOT Act (recently renewed by Obama) the recent passage of the NDAA (signed by the Nobel Peace Prize winner on New Years Evening), and the recent attempts to pass SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. (look 'em up if you don't know what these are)

As a result of this mindset (and many, many other recent and severe restrictions to civil liberties), attempting to actually follow the guidelines in the FEMA guide may land you on a watch list when you visit a surplus store looking for storable food, water or other relatively innocuous items. (Simply search on 'FBI Colorado Surplus Store Warning' and you'll find the document in question.)

This document advises surplus store owners to Consider Suspicious anyone who:

  • Insists on Paying with Cash
  • Has Missing Fingers, Strange Odors or Stained Clothing
  • Purchases Waterproof Match Containers, MREs or bipods.

Granted, being concerned about some of the behaviors on the list is quite sensible (such as espousing violence or racial hatred) but that is EXACTLY the point. Mixing in a few criteria that could literally apply to everyone along with criteria that are quite concerning blurs the line of what is and what is not a violation of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberty.

Consider these two statements:

A. Espousing the Violent Overthrow of the U.S. Government is Illegal. Threats will be Taken Seriously and will be Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law.

B. The Purchase of a Waterproof Match Container is Considered Suspicious and will Result in an Investigation by Local and/or Federal Law Enforcement and May Incur Criminal Prosecution.

Statement A sounds perfectly reasonable, doesn't it? Statement B sounds laughable. Yet both of these behaviors are on the same list of 'things to watch out for'. No distinction is made of which is the greater sin. For purposes of the document in question, both are equally suspicious.

Just like the Pigs' Commandments in Animal Farm, the rules can be changed gradually day by day until no one can quite remember how things used to be.

Build community. Love your Neighbor as Yourself. Keep Stacking.


Feed the Turd.

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But Isn't Secrecy Important?

Just a little thrown off - I am watching the first episode of this show.

Isn't secrecy (OpSec) sort of important in this whole thing? Seems sort of out of alignment to publicize yourself on a show like this.

Just saying......

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It depends do you want to hide or teach?

Nothing wrong with either response I just choose to teach.

I know Kellene and she's been an active up front person teaching self-reliance for years. Ferfal/Fernando for Surviving in Argentina is a great primer on Argentina's economic collapse. SHTF school is a great site for a full on civil war from the Balkans in 92-95.

These folks take a risk in teaching the rest of us. I thank them for it!

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Watching the Kellene episode right now

...and for her it makes sense. She's "out" already in her community.

Some of others didn't seem so known in their communities.

I'm grateful for the ideas, though.

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