Changing my broker Any ecommendations

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Changing my broker Any ecommendations


I am a UK citizen, currently trade on the Canadian exchange via Lloyd's TSB bank Sharedealing but they are rubbish, cant place stop loss and limit orders.

Anyone able to recommend a company that accepts non Canadian/ USA resident?


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re: Changing my broker Any ecommendations

Try TD Waterhouse in Canada:  A discount broker that I've been using for a long time.

If for some reason they won't take you, try Investors Europe in Gibraltar:

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Perhaps try interactive

Perhaps try interactive brokers, i believe they have trading on multiple exchanges

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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is the best I have used (from my limited experience with different brokers - etrade, scwab, and vanguard).  I'm not a trader by any means, I think my average holding period for a stock is between 2-4 years and I make maybe 3-10 trades per month.  If you use Interactive Brokers and are not a trader you can get away with a $10 per month account charge if you don't subscribe to any news feeds and you can trade on international exchanges for something like $3-4 bucks per trade (my trades are generally only $500-$3k).  I know the dumbed down retail sites charge ridiculous amounts for executing trades on the TSX or venture for instance, etrade was like $25 +. 

Quick edit: the $10 per month is a minimum monthly charge, so if your commissions for the month are more than $10 I believe you are not charged if I remember right - you can really tell I don't trade much.  I'm probably a money loser for IB :P

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