Blythe Masters now head of the GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association)

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Blythe Masters now head of the GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association)

What should we make of this.. looks like her and the boys will have even more power to regulate themselves now. 

From the FT


Blythe Masters, the JPMorgan commodities boss who becomes the GFMA’s
chairman, said it was a logical next step following the evolution of
regional trade bodies.

The GFMA encompasses the Securities Industry and Financial Markets
Association in the US, the Association of Financial Markets in Europe,
and Asifma, their Asian sister organisation.

“In the past, there were fragmented trade associations reflecting
particular regional issues, or issues in certain asset classes or within
sub-parts of firms,” said Ms Masters.

“But now the regulatory agenda in particular is more global.”

Ms Masters, who shot to fame as her derivatives expertise at
JPMorgan put her at the heart of the first wave of the global financial
crisis, is a higher profile appointment than her opposite number at
Deutsche Bank, Michele Faissola, whom she replaces, 
although Mr Faissola is now tipped as a potential successor to Anshu Jain as head of Deutsche’s investment bank.

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JPM and Blythe

I find this announcement very, very telling of something (although not sure what).   What I can say, is that the head of JPM derivatives and EE queen leaving the Morgue all while JPM is under heaving investigation from multiple lawsuits on manipulation and fraud....smells like a rat leaving a sinking ship.   I am surprised more people are not talking about this...something is foul.

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