Can someone come up with a well reasoned argument not to prepare?

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Can someone come up with a well reasoned argument not to prepare?

I've been prepping for years because I made it through a crippling disease and saw I had no food in my home.  Reuters has a very snide and patronizing article about preppers and threw in a little pop Psychology  as well. So all trolls and .gov workers can you give me a good reason not to have 6 months of cash and 6 months of everyday goods on hand.  Remember FEMA recommends at least 3-14 days at a min. for all goods. But I'm just a high school dropout and trying to learn.  /sarc  So tell me all great and powerfully smart folks how prepping is a bad thing?

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It's not a "bad" thing unless

It's not a "bad" thing unless your approach is totally unrealistic and you end up getting burned. And by burned, I mean most of what you're preparing for never happens, which in this example, is the most likely. What I personally see along the lines of prep is OVERprep. Some say that's impossible.

I personally think there's going to be a folding over in the consciousness/Universe. If you're spiritually and mentally prepped, you'll be far better off than some clueless dolt hunkered down in his hole with his inedible beans, useless guns and expensive bullion. The dawn of a new age will present many new opportunities not every one will be in tune with nor will "see". And the big man upstairs doesn't care how many cans of soup you got.

So, prepping is more of a spiritual philosophy for me than it is an act of fear based on the unknown. "They" want you to react in fear and to run and hide. It's part of the massive psy-ops to get you on the other side (wrong side). Too bad, as each and every day goes along, "they're" loosing as Man slowly wakes up. Of course I still have a stack of food and metals and all that stuff.



"It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." ~George Carlin

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