Dish Drops CNBCW

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Dish Drops CNBCW

I see that Bernie Lo will not preview the financial disaster that may begin in Asian markets to the American sheeple.  Don't the  distributors (media companies) own the content (networks) anyway.  Why drop a channel?  (other than to keep people in the dark).

Non conspiracy explanations welcome.


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OK, here's one

As a long-time DISH subscriber, I can tell you that channels routinely are added, dropped and reshuffled, often without warning. That's entertainment, to borrow the title from the old movie.

I'm thinking with the proliferation of the Internet, the sheeple can find out quickly enough without another CNBS feed. However, my DISH package does have Bloomberg, which keeps tabs on Asia and Europe after the U.S. markets have closed.

So, not really a conspiracy as I see it. More likely, a combination of cost and/or minuscule ratings made it an easy offering to dump.

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It's sad that Bernie left

It's sad that Bernie left Bloomberg. His show was awesome. I watch his new show, but not nearly as good as the old one on Bloomberg.


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