Romney - Bain Capital, Bain Capital - Weather Channel/NBC deal

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Romney - Bain Capital, Bain Capital - Weather Channel/NBC deal


I woke up this morning and had CNBC or Bloomberg on. I can't remember which station was on (and does it really matter when they're all talking from the same set of faxes?).

Anyways, the reporters were covering Gingrich and Romney sparing over something called Bain Capital. Romney says that its an example of the American free enterprise system. Gingrich clarifies that position to point out that Bain Capital was started by Romney as a private wealth fund and was used to take out a string of small and medium sized businesses.

During the past few months I've been consistently noting that there is a bias in the news coverage in favor of Mitt Romney. This bias is shown in the selection of where Mr. Romney stands on stage, the question topics, and amount of air time.

While the NDAA and SOPA are used to threaten private citizens freedom of speech, the media has money moving to bribe silence.

This Blackstone URL shows that Bain Capital was a central player in the purchase of the Weather Channel by a team of Bain/Blackstone/NBC Universal.

So, $$$ moving between NBC Universal and Bain Capital has influence in NBC itself. NBC owned media networks were broadcasting early GOP debates and were responsible for questions, camera time, and staging. The firm Romney is invested in and helped found is a partner of NBC Universal.

To have no disclosure of this information at an early stage in the presidential primary is outrageous. The Republicans should be ashamed of this type of blatant manipulation of the $$$, media, and positioning. Romney says that he expected this type of an attack from the left. Well, the reality is that Romney is the left. It's Gingrich who is talking fact and talking the bottom line here, not Romney.

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