County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

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County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

Forward & Discuss this with your Local Sheriff;

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Baseball 31.  This is

Baseball 31.  This is excellent.  Thank you.   Sometime back, I had posted a Richard Maybury video on how to win the Revolution.  And he said that we must work with trigger pullers, Officer Smith and PFC Jones.    The politicians have lost it and writing to them will do no good.   Making sure that Officer smith understands when the goverment loses it's head that they know to  uphold their oath to constitution. 

I checked out this guys website and from a cursory read, it looks good although it seems very small now.  But hope, he can increase his effort and get many more municipalities involved.    Probably should paste this on main street next time the subject comes up because I too feel this is THE solution to winning the revolution.    Informing the trigger pullers. 

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