Using the gold price to estimate the final collapse of the USD

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Using the gold price to estimate the final collapse of the USD

I found an article that was too good not to link for fellow Turdites. Basically, it puts forth the idea that gold may not follow an exponential curve anymore - rather a hyperbolic one. The difference? A hyperbolic curve will at one point reach infinity.

"His discovery is interesting. Singularity for this curve, or the point where the gold price goes to theoretical infinity, is in February 2014, only 26 months away. Unless this long-term trend is somehow broken, gold is also telling us the dollar is heading for hyperinflation."

Since gold will be denominated in dollars for the foreseeable future, I think it would be a very good idea to start using it to figure out approximately how long before the dollar goes terminal. Preparations are better made if one has a timeframe. Also, since the collapse of a currency is usually a "ketchup bottle" effect, which unfortunately the human mind has enormous trouble with comprehending - this should be useful for knowing when to go into "red alert", meaning that it could more or less happen any day soon.


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