Preparing the Spirit on how to let go of fear: Share your transformation and techniques

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Preparing the Spirit on how to let go of fear: Share your transformation and techniques

As we prepare physically we also need to see what our spirit needs as well. We all face fears about what will happen, and for many a hate of those elites who have created this...but in that we become trapped as we think about all the worse case scenarios, and fear your neighbors, and the control of the elites....and we suffer for it...

I know this post is long, but it came through me for those seeking freedom from fear....and i feel it is important to share as it really is what I feel is behind it all, and if more share then we can transform together and help each other and support each other in this way:-)

So here is my take, but I am very interested in hearing yours....

I see that they(controlling elites) and we are really not that much different in this regard. It is fear that is behind greed, behind the thirst for power, and the need to control. Fear is what separates and casts illusions upon us. And we all face it. To me, there is no 1% or 99% in this way as there is only the 100% of humanity that all face this human condition. I believe that if we overcome this fear within us, then as the many awaken the world will change.

Those that we call elites are humans that know nothing but fear. They seek more material things to fill their void of real contentment and real value, and calm their fears, but it never does as their emptiness is a void of self-loathing. They thirst for power because they feel powerless in a world that constantly changes, but no matter the power they think they attain it is never enough to them, because as we all know it is not true power. They seek control, because they feel they have none, and the more they get the more they need, because in truth they can't control the world as it keeps changing. They can't stop things from it is the nature of the universe. They fight against the current of all that is.

They spend all their energy desperately trying to maintain the fear system they created so that they can be free from it, but the truth is that they live in fear, and they are slaves to it. Their sickness will never be cured by the means they try, and so they suffer endlessly from it.

They suffer because they are attached, they suffer because they live in fear. They exist in what many would call hell. For them I have nothing, but compassion as I know from personal life experience that hellish nightmare of fear and self-hatred. I wish they would change, because so many suffer too, but I believe this is all a part of the experience we all have to go through. 

Because in truth they are also we. We all experience this throughout our lives.

It is a human experience, and yes those that embody it to that degree to which we see externally can be great teachers. I believe that each and everyone of us has a path to walk and a journey to take.

We can't change people, but we can change ourselves. Through each of us overcoming the fear within, then the world will soon be without fear.

And I believe in my heart, and through my own life experience that this is done through letting go. Letting go of everything, of every expectation, of every desire, of every fear, of every attachment, of EVERYTHING! Allowing ourselves to just be. Letting go, and going with the flow. It is simple to say, and incredible hard to do, but in allowing and in accepting, and in being-ness....we find liberation. Yielding to all that is around us we become one with the world, and we are in harmony with it. In that moment we are at one with the earth, with the universe, and even those who wish us harm.

There is no fear as the ego has let go. There is no need to hold on to the identity of you will change in time. No need to fear death or fear change. There is no fear. There is only stillness and motion, and in that there is a center of infinite power, strength, peace, and love.

I found that to access this center we bring ourselves to the present moment, and to the now!!! We open our hearts, and ride the wave of existence, and go with the flow...we prepare, and then we come to a point where we have to let go in order to stay center and conscious of the moment.

Through love and oneness can we become one with all that is, and be a conduit for its power and grace. We let go of the desire, of the ego, of the fear, and we become the master within!

I know this from personal life experience with that hell of fear and self hatred and from years of training in combat Tai Chi Chuan. In letting go, I do not try to change an attacker, but I follow, and in so doing I redirect. I can not anticipate nor predict. I can only become one and feel. In that oneness I know the attacker. I know their fears, their insecurities, their suffering, and I embrace them. Through not resisting and letting go, I stay grounded, connected to the earth, and centered. I become a conduit for the energy of their attack to meet the power of the earth, and for the earth to give it back to them. In this way, I can allow them to express themselves without either of us getting harmed. And I, of course, continue to learn to let go more and more everyday as letting go is a constant to endless flow of existence.

It is very real, and very possible for us all...

In being prepared give space for your spirit, and also let go of it all....when you do you will find endless internal strength and peace

Now is the time to reconnect with your spirit...whether that is religious, spiritual, through art, music, dance, martial art, meditation, nature, or whatever allows you to connect....

The master is within you!!

"Be the change" as Gandhi says....

Please use this thread to share your personal transformation and journey in overcoming fear, feel free to tell stories, share techniques, and anything you think can help us all 

Peace and Love 

"The greatest gift you can give to the world is your transformation" 
-Lao Tzu 

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Mon, Dec 19, 2011 - 10:11am
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  You do realize you've set

You do realize you've set the bar really high? But I totally agree. The ability for an individual to be in a totally surrendered state to the Tao/spirit/source is what separates the struggling from the enlightened.

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 - 4:11pm
Pittsburgh, PA
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I believe with the might of thousand suns that we can all do it!

To me everyone has it within them. We just need to start believing in each other. Lead the way green lantern!!! :-) 

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