The Conditions We Face

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The Conditions We Face

One Way to Embrace the Global Conditions We Face

They lie, they steal and cheat. They are heartless, inhuman, and psychopathic; killers without conscience. They are destroying and working to exert total control over the entire planetary environment. These people devastate the lives of men, women, and children without the slightest hesitation, mercilessly shedding innocent blood in every war they create, one after another, for their own selfish corporate agendas. Who are they? They are the hidden elite behind the worlds’ central banks and the military industrial complex; they pull the strings of souled-out puppet politicians in many countries throughout the world. They are the royalty, the wealthiest families in the world. They hold power and dominate the religious, corporate, banking, media, political, and military domains of the world. Most of these people are inhuman; many of them literal psychopaths. They are vile, disgusting, and evil beings; heartless and evil to the core. No, they are not just misguided human beings who need love. Let us not be silly or childish. The forces of darkness on this planet are highly organized, intelligent beings. They work for their master, not for any loving God that you and I would recognize. Whether you agree with what I am saying or not, stay with me here. Each day, I read about the wholesale destruction of our beautiful planet: the constant poisoning of fresh water sources from factories and oil companies; billions of gallons of hydraulic fracturing fluids being pumped deep into the earth for the mining of natural gas; wall street executives and bankers stealing billions of dollars annually from working class people all over the world; the poisoning of our skies and lungs on a daily basis with the noxious chemicals used for geo-engineering/weather modification; the death of thousands of people every day from needless starvation and violent wars. All of this, all of this is created consciously and intelligently by the global elite as they manipulate people, political leaders, corporations, countries, and huge investment banks just like moves on a little chess board. None of this is an act of God. This manipulation and destruction is created by those in power. The earth dies, humans suffer and die, and the elite get richer and more powerful by the day. It is true that we must stop these evil and inhuman demons in their tracks as soon as possible. These people need to be tossed into jail cells and forgotten. It is true that we need all of the activists and resistance. This is very important for positive, evolutionary change. However, I also ask myself, how can I live with what I see going on? How can the behavior of the elite few, hurting the many, be justified, be embraced, be understood on a deeper spiritual level? I think our present global challenges are complex. There does not appear to be any single, simple answer that will serve as the magic wand which fixes all of our planetary problems. However, one way of looking at the global picture may be of interest. For me, it is one way to understand and embrace at least a part of its deeper spiritual implications. The global elite are the epitome, the embodiment of what Buddhist teachings refer to as the “three poisons,” greed, hatred, and delusion. These heartless beings perfectly embody and exhibit the qualities of greed (grasping/attachment), hatred (aversion, separation, denial), and delusion (misperception of reality/ignorance of one’s true nature/disconnection from Source). As we watch the beautiful planetary environment around us slowly dying from wars, pesticides, radiation, and other forms of man-made industrial pollutants which are the by-product of the twisted, corrupt minds that created them, we see the heart-rending consequences of the three poisons: greed, hatred, and delusion. This is very plain and simple. Thus, I ask myself, what are these beings showing me? Am I just like them? Are they a reflection of aspects of myself? For the most part, I am not in any way like these beings. Most of us are not evil to the core like these beings. However, to be clear and honest with myself, I would have to soberly admit that I am still working on transforming the remaining vestiges of greed, hatred and delusion inside of myself. I may not engage in actions as blatantly heinous as these despicable beings, but of course there is still greed, hatred, and ignorance of my true nature within my heart and mind. Again, using Buddhist teachings in a very large way, we might even consider the global elite as our “precious teachers.” Now I know this is a great stretch! I mentioned previously this was simply one way to look at the spiritual implications of this huge subject. Thus, if I am going to view the global elite and their genocidal and omnicidal behavior as my “precious teacher,” then how should I do this? It is simple. Although I am not engaged in the same behaviors they are, is there anywhere in my life where I am acting in greed, taking what is not mine, hording more than I need? Is there anyone I am lying to or causing pain to? Am I still using denial on any level (aversion/hatred/separation) as a way of coping with reality instead of learning my emotional and spiritual lessons in life? Are my misperceptions of reality (delusion/ignorance) causing suffering or pain to myself or others? Am I giving an ample amount of time to cultivating a deeper and more intimate connection with God/Source (transforming my personal delusion/ignorance of my true nature)? Again, I know it is a stretch. However, if a Benevolent Universal Intelligence wanted to create the most perfect and pristine mirror for us to learn by, a mirror capable of reflecting the three poisons back to us so we could finally and forever transform them…then we do, in fact, have the global elite as our most precious teachers! If we need to have the evolutionary lessons of the devastating, catastrophic consequences created by the three poisons indelibly branded and seared into our consciousness, so we would never ever forget...then the global elite are indeed our precious teachers! We may not be able to stop them anytime soon. Maybe the earth and humanity will have a happy ending with positive evolution? Maybe we are headed towards certain global extinction? None of us knows for sure. However, what we do know for sure is that we do not want to be like them! We do not want any vestiges of the three poisons left within our hearts or minds. We want to totally transform the poisons of greed, attachment, aversion, denial, delusion, and ignorance within ourselves. And if we really need to see the consequences of the three poisons in a huge way, right up close in our face, then we only need look upon the conditions the political leaders, bankers, military complex, and corporations have created on this earth right now! They have given us the gift of the perfect display to learn by! Is this what we want? Is this how we were destined to live on this earth? Whether we have a lot of greed or just a tiny speck within our hearts, whether we have a lot of delusion or only a tiny spec within our hearts, the global elite are our precious teachers. These beings are our precious teachers, hopefully inspiring all of us to continue making heroic efforts to transform any last vestiges of the three poisons within our hearts and minds. In summary and very simply here is how our despicable yet precious teachers serve us: We might question ourselves in the following ways, “Am I being greedy anywhere in my life? Am I hurting others by my actions? Am I lying, cheating or stealing? Am I pushing away or denying (aversion) that which I could be embracing? Are my misperceptions of reality (delusion/ignorance) causing pain or suffering to myself or others? How can I deepen my connection to the Heart and Source within me?” The global elite, at least in one sense, are certainly our precious teachers!

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Cool Post! Lets be the change!

I share your views, and I appreciate you writing it. I see that they and we are really not that much different. It is fear that is behind greed, behind the thirst for power, and the need to control. Fear is what separates and casts illusions upon us. And we all face it. To me, there is no 1% or 99% there is only the 100% of humanity that all face this human condition. I believe that if we overcome this fear within us, then as the many awaken the world will change.

Those that we call elites are humans that know nothing but fear. They seek more material things to fill their void of real contentment and real value, and calm their fears, but it never does as their emptiness is a void of self-loathing. They thirst for power because they feel powerless in a world that constantly changes, but no matter the power they think they attain it is never enough to them, because as we all know it is not true power. They seek control, because they feel they have none, and the more they get the more they need, because in truth they can't control the world. They can't stop things from it is the nature of the universe.

They spend all their energy desperately trying to maintain the fear system they created so that they can be free from it, but the truth is that they live in fear, and they are slaves to it. Their sickness will never be cured by the means they try, and so they suffer endlessly from it.

They suffer because they are attached, they suffer because they live in fear. They exist in what many would call hell. For them I have nothing, but compassion. I wish they would change, because so many suffer too, but I believe this is all a part of the experience we all have to go through.

Because in truth they are also we. We all experience this throughout our lives.

It a human experience, and yes those that embody it to that degree to which we see externally can be great teachers. I believe that each and everyone of us has a path to walk and a journey to take.

We can't change people, but we can change ourselves. Through each of us overcoming the fear within, then the world will soon be without fear.

And I believe in my heart, and through my own life experience that this is done through letting go. Letting go of everything, of every expectation, of every desire, of every fear, of every attachment, of EVERYTHING! Allowing ourselves to just be. Letting go, and going with the flow. It is simple to say, and incredible hard to do, but in allowing and in accepting, and in being-ness....we find liberation. Yielding to all that is around us we become one with the world, and we are in harmony with it. In that moment we are at one with the earth, with the universe, and even those who wish us harm.

There is no fear as the ego has let go. There is no need to hold on to the identity of you. No need to fear death or fear change. There is no fear. There is only stillness and motion, and in that there is a center of infinite power, strength, peace, and love.

Through love and oneness can we become one with all that is, and be a conduit for its power and grace. We let go of the desire, of the ego, of the fear, and we become the master within!

I know this from years of training in combat Tai Chi Chuan. In letting go, I do not try to change an attacker, but I follow, and in so doing I redirect. I can not anticipate nor predict. I can only become one and feel. In that oneness I know the attacker. I know their fears, their insecurities, their suffering, and I embrace them. Through not resisting and letting go, I stay grounded, connected to the earth, and centered. I become a conduit for the energy of their attack to meet the power of the earth, and for the earth to give it back to them. In this way, I can allow them to express themselves without either of us getting harmed.

It is very real, and very possible for us all, and it is the way of the peaceful warrior

"Be the change" as Gandhi says....

Learn from everything!! True Mastery is within.

"The greatest gift we can give to the world is our own transformation"
-Lao Tzu

Peace and Love

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Yes, it is ironic that we can

Yes, it is ironic that we can only truly be... by letting go and not defining our being.

Returning to the source and being whole in it is as good as it gets.

To start.... learn to not need, just to be.

But the true irony after you get there is you still need to be prepared if you desire to make positive changes. Just remember.. no one gets out alive, so what is there to fear.

But since we are here anyway, why not give a gentle push when the source shows the way.


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