Dec 17 local coin dealer report

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Dec 17 local coin dealer report

I visit regularly to get a feel for the buying and selling action of Joe 6 pack. Dealer said they received 60 1 oz. Gold Maples on Wednesday, by 6PM Thursday they were gone.

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local coin dealer report

Local coin shop was out of CDN maple leaf gold and silver on Wednesday.

I was in their shop Wednesday afternoon and they only had two 99.999 coins and 1 99.9 coin.

Today, Saturday, they had a case of 10 but 5 were already sold.  I believe it was delivered yesterday (Friday).

I am aware of several people who ran into the store today to buy gold.  One guy bought several. I do not have that much money and therefore was unable to purchase.  It sucks to be short of cash just when you want it.

On the other hand, I observed several silver sellers to the store.  That store was happily buying silver rounds, ASE's, bars, and any other junk silver they could find. 

I also heard a few young ladies who were asking a young female sales clerk..."gee, what's that?"

Teenage sales clerk- "oh, that's a liberty walking"  

Teenage girls buying silver- "a what?" 

Teenage sales clerk - "a liberty walking...see she's walking and standing"

Teenage girls buying silver - "but what is it?"

Teenage sales clerk - "it's an old silver coin"

Teenage girls buying (or maybe not) - They look funny at the box of old quarters having no idea that they are currency.


I turn to my sales guy and said, "how much silver do you have from the US mint ASE's and/or Canadian maple leaf?"

My sales guy - as his hands are shaking and tremulous - "uh, sir, none...I'm sorry."


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