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Since, for me, Turd's site still does a Google search, I was unsuccessful in my search for safes.  I have put this off for a while now and need to take action with this task. I am looking for more than just a fire safe.  I use to have a list from previous posts on recommendations, but that is no longer due to computer problems.  

I am a 54yo female walking through this global situation by myself stacking/preparing and have looked to Turd's site for over a year now.    I am way past overdue to obtaining a safe and hope I can receive some guidance/recommendations for one.  Hopefully a price range of under $1000.  

Thank you again for all the guidance within this site. I ready daily and depend on info that comes through daily as well.

PM privately if needed.


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Try Patriot Safes out of Huntington Beach ,  Ca.  They have a closet safe that is 45 minute fire rated and holds papers/firearms/etc.  Fits in a closet and dimensions are approximately 5' tall by 32" wide and 21" deep.  Probably can google it to find them.  Used to run specials for $999.00.

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Spend the extra fiat

Please, do yourself a favor and do not buy a cheap safe.......even if you need to make a few payments along with the 1k you have.........there are many out there, just don't go cheap. You do not want someone coming in and just hauling it out of the house.

A decent one will run you about 2 - 2500.....weigh in at around 8-900lbs, bolt it to the floor.

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Wall safes are also an

Wall safes are also an option, hidden and very discrete.


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Do you need a safe?

Is the safe for fire protection or to prevent theft?  If it is theft maybe an imaginative hiding spot would be more prudent.  Right now I am looking at a large palm plant in a large pot -- the pot could be bigger with a false bottom or not.  Thieves spend very little time when breaking into homes and they will not be rooting through dirt for treasure.  If I had a safe it would be a decoy.

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