Jim Sinclair - Why Gold Was Smashed Today & What’s Next

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Jim Sinclair - Why Gold Was Smashed Today & What’s Next

Jim Sinclair - Why Gold Was Smashed Today & What’s Next

With gold trading down over $60 and silver lower by more than $2, today King World News interviewed legendary Jim Sinclair. When asked about the action in gold, Sinclair stated, “Statements made by Mrs. Merkel, in Germany, this morning, would have us believe that both the US Fed and Germany’s influence on the ECB would result in a willingness to accept a severe deflation, rather than willingness to accept a severe inflation. The selling (in gold) sent some of the fundamental guys out of their positions in gold, which affected the technicals.”

Listen to Jim Sinclair's comment:


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Turds confidence

I am very grateful for Turd's insights into charts. I DO have a big problem with over confidence because at this moment in time from what I have read ..the gold and silver price could actually go further down. Market Trends Chris Vermuleun has charts that he says are going lower.

King World News has an excellent explanation of the Currency game by Jim Rickards today.


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