New german ID cards - 4th Reich?

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New german ID cards - 4th Reich?

"The German ID card has satanic symbols integrated in its design".
This is how the current German ID looks like on the front: -

And this is how it looks like on the back: -

Now flip that over and tell me what you see: -

Can you see it? Does it remind you of something or someone?

This is Baphomet. He is the Egyptian demon of lust, according to Des Griffin and his book "Who rules the world".

There is a striking resemblance between the images. Even the kind of light above its head is displayed as a rosette on the ID card.

Look at it again.

Looking at this picture of Baphomet you will surely notice something else.

Have another look on the backside of the German ID card.

This is the so-called "arc of power".

But again, this is not all of it. If you check the German ID card with black-light (used to prove authenticity of money notes), you will notice another occult symbol. The upside down cross.

Check this

Simplified representation of the "Bundesadler". Look at its tail, it is elongated. Why? That is why!

Now, this is quite a lot of evidence for something strange.

One could say that this is just a coincidence, but quite a lot of coincidences in one place.

The name of the German ID card is "Personalausweis". Translated it means "Personnel ID card". Now then, personnel for whom? Baphomet?

The German ID card used to be called "Personenausweis" which means "Person ID card" (Pre 1949). Any other country in the world that uses national ID cards has the same meaning. Germany is the only exception in the world that uses "Personnel ID cards" as a national ID card.

Anyway, hope you find this interesting.

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