Locked topics??

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#1 Sun, Dec 11, 2011 - 12:25pm
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Locked topics??

What the heck kind of a fight club is this?

I see one topic that is critical of Turd has been locked - i.e., no further comments. The reason being that the person who created the topic, "Lets Be Frank" has created multiple users and created that particular user simply to come here and flame Turd.

Okay, take all that for granted, it still is no reason to lock a topic so no further comments can be made. That makes no sense to me.

It's a logical fallacy to think that because a topic was created by a user who has a dubious pedigree that somehow the topic itself is not valid. I myself have had issues with Turd publicly stating the only people who are important here are the techs and moderators and I too have had issues with what I perceive to be over-moderation. Moderators locking a topic that is critical of this very website from further discussion only exacerbates that perception.

For what it's worth, criticism is helpful. I think this place lost a lot of character when the moderation went into overdrive. Sure, it became more 'polite', but that came at a cost.

The topic "Turd just maybe the biggest Turd? " should be unlocked - open for discussion. I know Turd is thick skinned enough to be able to withstand some criticism. If he isn't, he has no business operating a blog on the internet.

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