So we have a Turdmart now

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So we have a Turdmart now

No surprise there to anyone with brains I guess. There would be no problem just putting up links to other sites that sell this stuff, but that wouldn't mean any $$$ now would it.

Let me get to the point. And continue a discussion with Turd I had earlier:

Turd, you run a website that probably cost somewhere between 2-10k$ to make and maintain so far, and at a maximum costs you 500$ a month to host and maintain. I guess I can judge that adequately being a Sysadmin and my sister running a web design company. How many hits do you get a day? 10k, 50k? That's like 2-10 hits per second, or 1 hit per second maximum at peak hours, and at an absolute maximum of 50kb/s traffic, which is 125gb per month, EVERY half modern machine can handle that. You are hosted via and even their 5-10$ per month web hosting offers should be able to handle that. If you use a dedicated server, then one of their cheaper offers below 100$ per month will easily suffice.

Now at these same 10-50k hits a day we assumed, at the usual CPM (funds earned per 1000 clicks) of 1$, you earn 10-50$ a day. That's 300-1500$ a month from ad revenue alone. Make that double that if you include donations. So your profit off this site is up to a couple thousand of bucks a month, but at least there is virtually no possibility that you do not at least get even on your expenses.

What my point is that I think (and from your interviews it's quite easy to judge what kind of persona you are), you got your relative fame not via advice that helped people (everybody who can flip a coin can match your record) but via a cult circled around your persona. And while I do believe you like to contribute something to society, I think mostly you do it for fame and money. I think you earn a multiple of what you spend on this site.

Now you can quite easily dismiss all that:

- show us your server cost and how much your personel costs you. You don't need to include anyone's name, it can stay anonymous as it should be (although anyone who wants can easily find out your name and address via a request to your domain registrar; although the registrar data of is listed as anonymous, the info has to be provided by the registrar to anyone upon request). Compare it to your donations and your ad revenue. As before, can be done anonymously. Just like every entity nowadays, lay open to anyone TFMetalsreport's finances, and we will be able to judge for ourselves if you really need our donations or just profit off them.

- IF this shows that you earn more than you spend on this site, pledge to donate the overhead to GATA or any other organisation that benefits the public. IF that is already the case and you do already donate the rest, please state so also.

- least importantly, but you can also show us some proof that you are actually qualified to give advice (I know officially you do not present your views as investment advice, but hey, lets not kid ourselves). That can be your stash or whatever, some proof of wealth or success in investing. You have, by your own account, decades in this business as a futures investor, so if you are any good at it, at least good enough to be responsible for influencing the investment decisions of thousands, at least you should be worth 7 figures right now. Again, we do not know who you are in real life, so there should be no concern in revealing this info. And after all, Sprott reveals he's a billionaire, and nobody has robbed him yet, have they ;).

Or, alternatively, just openly admit you have a profit incentive.

Every other popular PM site clearly DOES NOT have a profit incentive, be it for KingWorldNews who is entirely self-funded, has no ads and does not even accept donations if you offer it to him. Be it GATA. Be it Zerohedge, who for example does have ads but the kind of volume of information there I guess justifies a little revenue, since Tyler Durden definitely does not have the time left for any kind of work apart from writing for ZH. Be it Goldmoney who do a lot of video interviews and put them on Youtube and do not once advertise their company during their interviews. Be it a lot of smaller bloggers who write just as extensively, or more so, than Turd, and receive nothing for it return.

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