Schiff shoots down Gartman

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Schiff shoots down Gartman

The ego and denial of Dennis Gartman was on display moments ago on Fast Money (12-7-2011).

Peter Schiff was brought on so the smug regulars could poke fun at him on the matter of his cure for the European situation (Austerity, not more easy money to kick the can down the road). Earlier in the show, Gartman had said he had cut his gold allocation 25 percent and moved more heavily into stocks (not precious metals).

Part of Schiff's investment play on the European mess is to continue to own gold. Gartman made a point of calling himself a long-running gold bull, like Schiff. But Schiff challenged him on that, recalling an August 2011 CNBC appearance when Gartman, speaking on a selloff day, said gold was a bubble and it was bursting.

Gartman was indignant that Schiff recalled it that way. In fact, Gartman denied it, saying how long he's been a bull -- months, years -- and begging a sarcastic pardon for not being in "15 years ago."

So, who remembered correctly? Do you really need to ask?

I Googled Gartman, gold, Schiff, Fast Money and August 2011 and got a link to Gartman's Aug. 24, 2011 appearance on Fast Money halftime when he said, "I sold a lot of gold in the last 54 hours -- I wish I had sold everything and I wish I was short." He also is quoted as saying, "This (gold) was one of the greatest bubbles of our time."

The arrogance of this guy is unreal. He contradicts himself regularly on these appearances and gets angry when someone like Schiff is bold enough to call him on it. The Fast Money host promised to get the videotape to see whose memory was right. Don't hold your breath on seeing that one. But, as mentioned, you can find the transcript on the CNBC web site. Didn't bother to watch the video, so I guess Gartman can claim he was misquoted. Hard to see how that could be true.

I can't understand why flip-flopping Gartman still has a following. The guy makes so many, contradictory predictions, that some are right. But you better guess right on which to follow. And, on this point, Gartman clearly was bearish on gold in late August, no matter what he says now.

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Wed, Dec 7, 2011 - 9:30pm
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I'm beginning to think he's

I'm beginning to think he's the type of guy that spurts a bunch of misleading nonsense just to get attention, and then turns around and does the opposite. So, while he's "sold everything and went short" he really quadrupled down. Either way, he loves to run around like a chicken with it's head cutt off and look a tool while gold just keeps chuggin right along.

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Gartman is a classic con man:

Gartman is a classic con man: he is extremely glib, and sounds really believable.

If you watch him for awhile, though, you begin to understand that his "secret" is just to find a parade, then jump in front of it. He just watches the action, and then adjusts his Fast Money spiel to make it look like he knew it all along.

He's a fucking tool, and I really can't stand him.

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Gartman is a fucking

Gartman is a fucking douchebag. I despise him.

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Peter Schiff is my hero. He

Peter Schiff is my hero. He is so efficient with words. I have learned more from Schiff in the past 2 months listening to his show everyday than I did in my University course.

Did you hear him yesterday discussing the audio clip of a member of the financial oversight committee asking a witness if "we are going after Maddoff"? He really went to town on him. I was laughing out loud on the street... alone!

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CNBC comes clean on Gartman ---- sort of

Well, CNBC actually did pull the tape today (12-13-11) on Gartman's bursting of bubble comment regarding gold from August of this year. The host even admitted that Peter Schiff had been right, that Gartman had said the bubble had burst.

But quickly a lackey stepped into congratulate Gartman on having made a correct call. Not the point, lackey. The point was Gartman professed to have been a bull for years when he had been a bear months earlier.

Also today (12-31-2011) on Fast Money Gartman was again jumping onto a moving train. On a big down day for gold, he said he'd sold all his personal gold. He said he would have sold the gold in the investment accounts he manages, but he can't do that except on a monthly basis.

So, Gartman is bearish on gold, again. Let's see if he can remember this call if and when he misstates it in the future and is challenged, again.