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Jaguar Mining Inc. - JAG.t

Pages%2Bfrom%2BJagOct.jpg Jaguar Mining Inc. - JAG.t is a gold producer in Brazil with operations in the state of Minas Gerais. Jaguar is also engaged in developing the Gurupi Project in the state of Maranhão.

The Company produced about 1.4m ozs at a cash cost $ 906 in 2010.


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owning JAG

owning jaguar in the last 2 years has been  the  ultimate definition of .....Patience.

or should I say, patience and hopeless hope while JAG sits in a 2 year coma.

Suddenly, a little while ago..... It Wakes  up from its coma and  theres some news about   a takeover ? or something? I cant remember  oh yeah, china is interested.... jeesus.... and the price started rising like Lazarus.maybe I can sell my position at 9 dollars and break even  some day. wow. 

In some ways , you just gotta love china. But I love canada and mexico alot more as a miner investor.

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