Physical currency trading.

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Physical currency trading.

I hope this is not too far off-topic here but here goes. I, like many, believe that the dollar is toast. I live within four hours of the Canadian border and obtaining CAD's is very easy to do here. Like many, I have spent the last few years diversifying what little assets I have into tangible things like physical PM's, real estate, etc. However, it feels like more diversification is in order.

I'm wondering if it would be wise to physically invest in CAD's for the long term? (10-20 years) I avoid safe deposit boxes except for storing documents but wonder if foreign currency in modest (10-50k) amounts would be safe from seizure should a bank holiday be declared? All input would be appreciated.


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When the dollar is

When the dollar is toast, most every fiat currency is going to be toast too.  I really don't see the CAD surviving such a scenario unscathed.


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I am wondering some of the same though for different reasons. I am wondering what the long term fundamentals are for the CAD/USD... I am sure that Helicopter Ben and crew will continue to "make it rain" but wonder what the Canadian response will be. Have you found any articles on the subject since last month? I have been under the impression that the Canadian banking system was stronger and more responsible that that in the US and that since Canada is resource rich that the CAD should continue to rise against the dollar over the long term. This is the view I picked up from Peter Schiff... but I would like to learn more!

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