Bank on Yourself-(Dividend paying whole life insurance)

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Bank on Yourself-(Dividend paying whole life insurance)

Just need some advice on a situation I'm in. Please comment if you're familiar with this product.

About 3 years ago I bought into this "Bank on Yourself"' plan. It's a whole life insurance policy that allows you to build cash value very rapidly. My plan costs $3,600 a year. Ive got $10,800.00 invested. The net cash surrender value is $8,142.00. Thats a $2,658.00 hit if I liquidate (to buy Phys metals). The longer I contribute the more I loose if I cash out. So I have to act now.

I really like the concept of this product and was using it as a retirement vehicle. However, that was before I was really in tune to where our dollar was headed and before I got in to metals. So...what would you do? Thanks.

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