Should I buy or wait?!?! UK bug

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Should I buy or wait?!?! UK bug

I kind of wished I added to my stock Friday 25th after seeing Gold and Silver shoot up like that... 

What's the consensus here in turdville Gold to bounce about just under 1750 then go back down or it to break 1750 and not give me a chance for months?

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if you're in it for the long haul. then the rule of thumb is just to buy on dips, seems very greedy to not have bought lately. since we just had a dip.

as for the future, no one knows. Turd will most likely post some charts soon for gold and silver, check those out! :)

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I've been adding on daily

I've been adding on daily dips by buying call options on gold at $2000 by February.  Slightly risky but I have the conviction this will happen.  I buy a bit more physical whenever my family raise the cash, yeah it's a family thing in my home now.  We just got 5 little beautiful gold sovereigns last week - the original Dragon coin  :-)  We didn't look too hard at the price chart, we feel there's just not much time left to hang around vacillating about lower prices.  In fact, I always bought my physical soon as I had the cash, bang, just do it.  One morning, the tv screens will be full of police and army formations on the streets when a total collapse happens, and gold and silver physical, along with fuel and food, will be up at levels we just joke about right now.

Hope this helps.  Damn them sovereigns look good.

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I got 2 of the 2012

I got 2 of the 2012 sovereigns :) I wanted another one this month and I'm kicking myself for not buying last Friday.  I may as well just leave it now and see what happens next week....  

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Buying the dips

It seems always a little tricky , but buying the dips is  the right idea. The tricky part is  knowing what is a real dip and what is a small blip.  Looking at charts  seems to help see what target area to look for. Right now is a good example. spot gold has been  hovering in an 'in-between ' area around 1700-1750. as is silver in the middle around 32/33

The high and low zone.... in gold  high zone is above 1800 and low zone around 1600 and lower

for silver the high zone is 36 area and above and the low zone is 30 and below.

Right now, the metals are both right in between their high/low zones  and its hard to know which direction they will go in the near future. 

When you want to buy the dips..... that does not mean buy in the middle zone here. Now is a time for waiting. the dip in silver now, means a drop down to the low zone  around 30. and in gold its a drop down to the 1630-1600 area. (and it could fall lower still)

Right now, I'm thinking a simple vision is about as good as it gets...... If gold rises to the high zone now,around 1825 area...sell some. If it falls to the low zone area ,around 1625 buy some. but in the middle here at 1725....sit and wait.

same thing for silver. If it rises now to 36 area, sell some...and if it falls to the 30 area buy some, but right now, here in the middle at 33...sit and wait. 

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You have to decide yourself when to buy but gold will go up...

If anyone is interested in gold fractionals, these guys are running a pretty decent deal:

The premiums are the following.

1/10 oz. Gold Eagles: 11.75%
1/4 oz. Gold Eagles: 8.5%
1/2 oz. Gold Eagles: 6%


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