N. Israel Hit By 4 Katyusha Rockets from Lebanon

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N. Israel Hit By 4 Katyusha Rockets from Lebanon
ticker_space.gifNorthern Israel hit by at least four Katyusha rockets from Lebanon after Monday midnight • No casualties reported, some damage • One blew up near the border, two inside a Galilee moshav, a fourth in a wood outside Maalot • Israeli artillery fired at sources of attack in S. Lebanon • Netanyahu orders release of Palestinian funds frozen for a month over Abbas' unilateral UN bid • China: Dark clouds of war shrouding Syria, threatening the stability of surrounding states • UN investigators find Syria guilty of gross violations of human rights • Egyptians flock to polling stations at start of first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections Monday • Between now and March 2012, fifty million Egyptians elect two houses of parliament among 40 parties fielding 10,000 candidates • The Muslim Brotherhood expected to emerge as largest party • Two explosions along Sinai stretch of Egyptian natural gas pipeline halt flow to Israel and Jordan for the ninth time since February • Bank of Israel cuts interest by 0.25pc to 2.75pc • OECD predicts Israel economy will avoid recession but growth rate in 2011 will fall drop from 5.4 to 4.7 pc and 2.9 percent in 2012 • Jobless rate will rise to 6 pc next year and fall to 5.8pc in 2013 • Lebanon will not implement Arab League economic sanctions, voted against them • The Lebanese government is dominated by Assad's ally Hizballah • At least 19 killed in suicide bombing of prison gate in Taji north of Baghdad, third major attack in Iraq in a week • ticker_space.gif
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An epic lack of foresight, accuracy and rationale...

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