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Cool stuff

1 gold coin buys you a nice silent 5.5 kw diesel generator with some diesel,

(enough for an electric heater,  some lightbulbs and a laptop)

diesel has the advantage of being better storable than gasoline aka petrol aka benzine, and you can blend it with vegetable oils.

~ 2 liter per 5.5 kw/h

the model I watched has variable RPM, it adjusts to the workload (disuse)

bigger engines probably get better mileage.

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How about propane generators?

How about propane generators? Propane doesn't have storage issues like diesel or gas and can even be used indoors (ok, I read all of that~no experience with any beside gas). Anyone have one? Experience and opinions, please?


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yeah that would be nice also,

yeah that would be nice also, upside LPG is much cheaper , but you need a more complicated and expensive storage container, but its ideal for off the grid use. I saw a few petrol/LPG generators that could do both, but they were not very high yield 1KW.

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Generators have a lot of

Generators have a lot of issues in terms of maintenance, fuel storage, etc.  It's a big expense for something you might not need or might have only limited utility.  A coworker was lucky enough to get a generator after a major hurricane, then spent the rest of his time trying to obtain enough fuel to keep it running.  The cost benefit just isn't there for me.

A generator makes sense if you know that you will be without power for a limited amount of time and have access to fuel.  The one situation where I would definitely get a generator is if we got to the point of rolling blackouts or routine interruptions of electric service.  In that case, I am pretty sure generators would be still be available. 

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Does anyone know if a diesel

Does anyone know if a diesel generator would run off of home heating oil?  My part of the country gets some severe weather and our home could definitely use a generator.  We don't have propane but have a big old tank of home heating oil in the basement.  Are there any generators that can be made to run off this fuel?

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Home heating oil and diesel

Home heating oil and diesel are the same thing. Diesel comes in summer and winter versions, so your heating oil would obviously be the winter type. Summer diesel will gell if it gets too cold.

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@Rebel INS

FYI, as was previously stated, home heating oil is the same as #2 diesel, Ag diesel, or Off Road diesel. It is dyed red, as opposed to green, and isn't taxed for highway use. It is however, exactly the same thing. Most older diesel engines will burn any type of diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil, used motor oil cut with kerosene, waste vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc. About the only thing a diesel won't run is things higher off the cracking tower like gasoline. Newer diesels, at least those in automotive use, are more picky about their fuel types. I have a Listeroid type 6/1  (six HP/one cylinder) diesel engine that will burn all of the above, coupled with a Winco 4Kw gen head. That's for deep emergency use. For my house I have a whole house 20Kw NatGas genset with auto switchover. Where I live, power outages for weeks are common because of ice storms and tornadoes. NatGas is the most reliable source of grid fuel, as it is supplied by internal combustion engines which keep the pressure up through the pipeline, and the pipelines are mostly underground. It would take the loss of a pumping station or cuts in the pipeline for the gas to stop flowing. Not saying that it can't happen, but barring terrorist attack or government action, NatGas is the most reliable grid energy available.

Diesel gensets can be expensive, but if you get the right type, they will withstand anything up to and including EMP/solar flare. The Listeroid/Lister type of compression start diesels are one of these types. Unfortunately, our overlords at the EPA banned the importation of them in 2010 because they did not meet the Tier III emissions requirements. You used to be able to purchase one for 900 FRN$'s, but the price has climbed substantially since then, and you'll be lucky to find one for less than $2500 now. If interested, Flea Bay sometimes has them. They burn approximately 1/4 to 1/2 GPH under load, which is enough to charge a battery bank and provide power for most things should the grid go totally down. A good alternative for 4 Kw and under  is one of the Chinese air cooled diesels hooked to a genhead. You can find them at Look for the TORQ TD1000E. Hook it up to a Winco 4Kw and you've got a reliable setup that will power most things on a rotating basis. Diesel is the best alternative for off grid use. If you can grow a seed that produces oil, you can fuel it, or use whatever is available-except straight gasoline. Another alternative is to use a gasoline motor and distill your own ethanol, but it's no where near as efficient.

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