How the NWO Intends to Steal the Peoples' Sovereign Central Bank Gold Reserves

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How the NWO Intends to Steal the Peoples' Sovereign Central Bank Gold Reserves

Could Eurobonds backed by gold be Europe`s salvation?

For the moment vetoed by Germany, the idea of Eurobonds backed by Eurozone nations' gold reserves could provide a solution to the European debt crisis. It is not clear if actual physical gold will actually exchange - or even exist - or will the 'exchanges' simply be 'paper gold' ledger entries.

Author: Ross Norman
Posted: Wednesday , 23 Nov 2011

LONDON (Sharps Pixley) -

As the European crisis deepens, the EU's top economic official Olli Rehn has tried to sell the concept of a new bond issued by the collective 17 Euro nations dubbed a "Stability Bond". In essence the bond seeks to leverage the higher quality of better performing Euro nations in the north to support the weaker ones in the south.

A case of united we stand or divided we fall. The effect, it has been supposed would be to reduce the overall borrowing costs of all.

Under the proposal, debts in excess of the equivalent of 60% of GDP would be transferred to a fund with joint liability which would be paid off over 20 to 25 years - but the EU countries involved would need to pledge part of their foreign exchange holdings or gold reserves as security. The structure proposed by Rehn probably does not in itself go far enough.

The proposal has, however, been killed stone dead by Angela Merkel - at least for now. The idea does however have some merit and here's why.

Between them the EU nations own approximately 10,800 tonnes of gold worth, at current market valuations, about $583 bn or £364 bn or E435 bn - sufficient to provide collateral for a loan of say 2 Trillion Euro on a coverage basis of about 20% to 25%. While 2 Trillion Euro would not resolve all of Europe's debt issues, it would bring them down to a very, very manageable level...
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