Arrogant Politicians (Giving them the boot)

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Arrogant Politicians (Giving them the boot)

This ridiculously poor exchange from a politician to a testifying academic from Rice University shows the level of anger and frustration unfairly directed by elected officials and the political class at the people who pay their salary.

The hearing is related to the issue of drilling for oil in ANWR.  Drilling for oil in the artic tundra is intensely unprofitable because of the difficulty in getting oil out of the ground and the fact that you need to transport that oil over such a long distance. 

For many years I was politically active and a supporter of conservative government.  But, this guy Don Young is an embarassment to the state of Alaska and to our nation.  His opening statement of "garbage Mr. Rice" is a lousy example of statesmanship. 

He later states "I'm really pissed". 

You're pissed?  You should see what happens when you're a small business owner getting killed by the state of California's high taxation and then have to put up with the lousy congressional representation and state representation in the legislature!  It's down right depressing... oh yeah, I forgot you idiots in Washington and Juneau don't think we're in a recession, do you?

Ah, poor congresscritter sucking more money from the tax payers. 

Where was this goof ball when Henry Paulson bailed out the banks and stole the money from the people?

So, I decided to go on the Congressional House website to figure out where this joke of a "Congressman" is from.  It turns out that his own office website doesn't even have a district map in it because he is THE Alaska congressman.  What a joke of a delegate.  Talk about lack of representation!  This guy represents the whole state.... a state larger than a good deal of the 48 states...see:

If we want representative government, we need to work with our board readers in Alaska to get Don Young out of office.

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I saw that exchange

It was disgusting to see that POS set on his throne and talk to that professor the way he did, It made me start cussing at the screen.........The kicker is what came after, in the so called ACT scandal.........Kids in handcuffs over paying someone to take their test and those who charged to take it for them. I 'm not saying it was right, but handcuffs and prosecution.......WTF.

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