Another 2008 Collapse Imminent

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Another 2008 Collapse Imminent

Another Lehman type collapse is upon is. Many professionals like James Turk and Jim Rogers believe it may happen soon, maybe by early next year. How will gold and gold stocks be affected? Do you believe the gold stocks will be smashed just like in 2008? Keep lots of powder just in case.

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LOL, define "imminent." It's

LOL, define "imminent."

It's been "collapsing" for years, what makes you think "soon" is the time. 

OR maybe by "early next year."

Sorry, I have to weed thorough this crap every single day in blogdum and it was old last year. In fact, every time I read "collapse imminent" the more the case is built for a snap reversal rally and it's time to go long.

If you're gonna call it, CALL IT! What's the date? Price targets? If want to help, be part of the solution, stop regurgitating the regurgitated.



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A timely Thread

Thanks for bringing up the topic .

It seems this is the big issue we're all holding our breath about.

Watching the miners go way up and way down this year has already been enough of a volatile rollercoaster. How much further down can they go in a market crash?

I do not know. 

How to play it from here?

I do not know.

I only see that some good miners, like Kinross, the other day, hit a target point at 12 dollar zone. Last time it was at 12 was after the 2008 crash.  Does that mean the 2011/2012 'crash to come' is now 'baked' in to Kinross current price? or  will people sell it some more ?

Whats the fundamental value of Kinross stock ?

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