Eric Sprott's 1.5 billion silver deal?

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Eric Sprott's 1.5 billion silver deal?

Anyone else read on Harvey about Eric Sprotts 1.5 billion silver deal. Can anyone clarify what its about. I am guessing about 45 million or so OZ's.

Eric Sprott filed a short term prospectus for the purchase of a mammoth amount of silver:


Today the Globe and Mail announced Eric has filed a short form follow up Prospectus for a billion five physical silver, holy jeepers, it could be approved in as little as two weeks people tell me, and he can trigger it OVERNIGHT without warning. Just bang if he has got the orders. WE all know what happened with his last Physical Silver Issue, it was 580 millionand blasted Silver 18 to 50 bucks in 5 months.
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go  for it

go  for it



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Yep it's right here

I bet he's pissed-off about Royal Canadian Mint's new Gold ETRs being launched with TD Securities. This should cause some disruptions in physical supplies.

Sprott = Shark

Brotha Bob
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The greatest show on earth,

The greatest show on earth, today's metal markets!

Oh, how TPTB must hate Sprott. Will be so interesting to see how this plays out. Eric is looking at acquiring a lot of metal. This should cause an interesting imbalance.

Say what you will about the EE and cartel, Sprott is a master manipulator! A manipulator on our side. His intent is clear. Withdrawal massive amounts of liquidity for the market to drive prices higher. I hope he is successful.


May God Help Us All

But, what do I know?

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Sprott are the master manipulators,Bob.

I am with ya and in the end it is always about Sprott.

Just ask AUN shareholders after our one year battle with those kind folks.

Not sure which set of banksters are worse but certainly they all are the same  in the end.

Sprott appears to be our friend for the time being.

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So does this mean he already

So does this mean he already has his physical or he could be buying now or any time down the road to fill his offering before selling his shares to the public?

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