digital currencies like goldmoney/goldgram

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digital currencies like goldmoney/goldgram

Has anyone used digital currencies like Here is an article from wiki about the different kinds:

My boss came to me the other day and asked how I want to participate in the new reorganization of the department. Without getting into details on why I acted this way, I reluctantly responded, "I don't care. It's all the same anyways." Well, that wasn't the encouraging response he was looking for, but then something happened in my mind when he said, "Ok, well what will it take for you to be happy? How about I pay you in gold instead of paychecks?" My eyes widened and probably exerted more energy in that reaction than in the past week. But of course, I work for a global corporation so I thanked him for the effort but we all know this isn't possible.

So it got me wondering. Why can't my paycheck in USD get deposited into a checking account that is denominated in gold? I don't intend on taking a physical gold delivery so it would just be a straight USD to spot gold conversion at the time of deposit. The account would fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the spot price of gold. Hey, its not perfect, but at least its an account that hedges against inflation. In addition, the account service would offer a debit card just like any other bank to use with merchants. If I used the debit card, it would simply deduct the USD equivalent at the time of sale based on spot price.

Is there ANYTHING like this available to consumers? I think I heard Peter Schiff a while back say that he is coming out with a debit or credit card linked to a gold account but he said it wasn't available to US customers. And seems very close to this, but its not quite what I envisioned. Any recommendations?

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GoldMoney is very good.

Yes, GoldMoney is excellent. There are other digital gold currencies also which are great, see our monthly digital gold currency magazine.

We believe private gold currencies are the future of global and local payments.


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