Happy $15 Trillion Everyone!

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Happy $15 Trillion Everyone!

[sarc] Never been more proud of our elected representatives. [/sarc]

Just spent a few minutes watching the debt clock digits spin. Take a moment and just watch it. Realize it's a debt that cannot be paid, even if we wanted to. Then go buy food, a water filter, blued steel, copper jacketed lead, silver and gold, in that order. Meet your neighbors, build community, pray.

A few fun facts

$120 Billion - Annual Expenditures the 'Super Committee' Cannot Agree to Cut ($1.2 T in cuts over 10 years)

$102 Billion - Average Monthly Budget Deficit (source: U.S. Treasury)

$400 Billion -  Accrued debt since the 'Super-Committee' was formed Two Months Ago. (source: U.S. Treasury)

$1.1 Trillion - Debt owed to China, Plus Interest (source: U.S. Treasury)

$1.5 Trillion - 2011 Budget Deficit (source: OMB)


11th Hour Hail Mary vote to cut a modest amount, full of accounting gimmicks and sleight of hand maneuvers, followed by a continuing resolution to continue full entitlement and defense spending. QE3.

Good Night and Good Luck.


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