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Any advice for parents

Hello all,

I am a 41 year old married male. My wife and I are raising three children ages 16, 14, and 7. We live in the subburbs in a fairly "well-off" neighbourhood. I lost my job in March 2009, and was unemployed up to March of 2011. I managed to hold onto our house (we are current and thankfully not underwater). I lost my truck, credit cards (currently in collection), and credit rating (obviously).

Right now we are rebuilding, and trying to build up savings (all in PM's, the credit card collections can wait). My wife also just began working. We are doing ok, but I know that what we went through was only "round one".

How do I prepare my children for TEOTWAWKI without crushing their spirits? (They are all into Apple products, iphones, ipads, internet, cellphones, etc. How do I tell them that I believe these things will all be gone in the next few decades?)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thx

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