Canada Gold Corp. - CI.v - Profiled

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Canada Gold Corp. - CI.v - Profiled

Canada Gold Corporation - CI.v has announced the acquisition of interests in North-Eastern Tanzania.

We have been extremely fortunate to welcome Canada Gold Corp as a display advertiser on Penny Stock Journal, and the reason for that is that this company has been personally researched by myself AND my broker several moons ago. It was pure merit that caught our attention then and now.

Why was this pure grass roots play given so much attention? First of all the people involved are some of the "who's who" of the Vancouver securities market. Sterling reputations and outstanding track records by such individuals such as Al Fabbro, Ian Klassen, and Dave McMillan.

The jockey is almost everything in speculative securities and if it isn't in first place the fact this Co has all of about 15m shares out, fully diluted, certainly is. It would take very, very little to juice this paper higher. We don't recommend stocks, but if we did this baby would be one of them. (for pure spec, high risk players only, of course)

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