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Bucketshop Party

This is not a real broker by any stretch, its a bucketshop, a place where people basicly gamble on future events without any relation to the actual stocks/commodities, its a site where you just gamble, but the format I thought was interesting because it looks like it has been set up to mimic futures trading and options.

Max loss or gain is $10, so really its more for fun than real specultaion as most of us turdites would define it, but I found this site through the /b and thought i'd post the link here to see what others thoughts were. Disclosure: I have no affiliation with the site, nor do I even have an account, but I am thinking of sending them a check for $100 to gamble with just for kicks and to ween myself off of what is probably a legit gambling addiction in the world of futures (j/k)

Anyway, here is the link:


In case you don't feel like clicking the link I'll copypasta the blurb about how it works from their site, in 3-2-1...

Intrade is a prediction market. What is a prediction market? It's a market that allows you to make predictions on the outcome of hundreds of real-world events. Stock exchanges find the price of stocks, and futures markets find the price of commodities. Prediction markets find the probability of something happening - a predefined, uncertain future event.

Will the financial markets be up today? Will a certain candidate win the next election? Who will win the Academy Awards? If you have an opinion on what will happen then you can make a prediction on Intrade. Predict correctly and you can win real money profits.

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