Am I seeing this the wrong way? Silver vs. Gold

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Am I seeing this the wrong way? Silver vs. Gold

I'm just about 50/50 right now gold/silver.  I had originally intended to be about 70/30 but I keep adding to my silver pile.  Somehow, spending $200 for a breath-mint sized piece of gold is a lot harder buy for me than getting seven big fat silver dollars.

I also have to think that, when the S really hits the F, that affordability versus gold will drive the "everyday" man and woman into silver instead of gold, while its rarity will guarantee a huge price spike under that pressure, compressing the GSR towards and perhaps even into single digits.

I will continue to stack gold, but I'm feeling more and more like my silver will give me more mileage -- given that my silver stack is 50 times as heavy as my gold!

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For me it has gotten stupid. I told myself I would only buy silver above a 40:1 and only gold below that. The only problem is that now I am 30% in gold and 70% in silver and it gets worse every month. If we can get back to around 35:1 I will exchange silver for gold and get back to 80/20 with mostly gold but man its taking a long time. Still think silver is the better value at the moment but if I have to leave in a hurry I am going to have to become an olypic weight lifer.

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In my opinion what matter most is that you keep piling up as much as you can, whatever you can. Forget ratios, in the end what matter is that you are using your currency in exchange for real money.


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Silver has outperformed gold

Silver has outperformed gold on a performance/time basis just before QEII by quite a margin. And since 2003 silver is up 650%  vs gold up 415%. 

That's denominated in US$ which is down 25% in the same time period.

Maybe the question going forward is not what ratio is ideal but which asset will continue it's performance accent while the dollar steadily declines?



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I tend to agree that its all about the ounces in the end, especially when the US dollar crashes.  However, It appears from recent history that if a sudden or unexpected jolt develops in Europe then Gold becomes the first safe haven amongst the metals.  Visit August runup in relationship with Greece.   And remember Europe has a high VAT on silver, thus making it less likely for citizens to buy silver over gold.   I believe in silver, but have decided Gold is going to be the truest safe haven--at least 1st.

I also agree that at a SGR over 50, it is very difficult not to buy Silver!!!

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Trouble in the UK is we pay

Trouble in the UK is we pay 20% tax on Silver.  I'm 70/30 Gold/Silver at the moment but my next few months will be buying silver I think.  BrotherJohn thinks it will be going up 30$ in the near future.

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Norm FranzNorm quote

“ Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.
— Norm Franz

The above says it all. The only issue I see between silver and gold is what will the Gold-silver ratio be in the future. Both will serve you well. I stack both, and don't really care which stack is higher or valued more, because of the above quote.


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deciding between gold and

deciding between gold and silver is a good problem to have

the ratio is manipulated anyway so just keep stacking. I even started keeping all my 10 yen coins I get in change as they have high copper content. They aren't worth 10 yen in copper (yet)

after all

the bigger the stack the better

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