Buying opportunity for TRX

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Buying opportunity for TRX

Just got smacked down from 3.80 to 1.80.  David Duval at TRX responded to an inquiry with:

Geier Fund out of Florida dumped their entire shareholding into the market at market. They have been selling from $6.50 down. Anyway, they are now out and we should get back to a steady trading range fairly shortly.

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To a cat, "NO" just means "later."

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Bought at $2.05 on the second dip.

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not touching this w/ my 1o" poLL

why would you own this here, there, anywhere?


enjoy everyday

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Jim Sinclair

I own it because I believe in Santa, I added 25% to my stake @ 2.005

Gold dividend on the cheap, I'll take it!

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