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Bix Weir

I've read a bit of the openly released Bix Weir notes, and listened to his podcast with sgtreport and have a simple question.

In your opinion, is he for real or a wingnut?

My view after reading what he has to say is that 'some' of the things he says seem appropriate or plausible, but in other cases he looks like he is living in a parallel universe. It's the way out stuff that potentially undermines his plausible assertions.

I'm only asking this because I see him quoted here and there nobody seems to snicker or poke fun, so you guys must be taking him seriously... or is he taken seriously simply because he is pro silver?

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I'm not sure about Bix Wier yet.  I enjoy reading him and his Road to Roota Theory is quite interesting.  He is out on a bit of a limb lately.  It will be interesting to see if he is right about a few things coming up.  I refuse to pay for anyone's information though...public road only for me.


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Bix Kix

I like his style and he has had some interesting to things to say. His Road to Roota theory is unique in the the PM sphere. He's worth the time to read but I don't know about his paid service.

However, his comments over the past few days have been dire. This means 1) he has the guts to stand by his views and 2) he has really put his head on the chopping block. If something "really critical" doesn't happen in the next week or so, I will be very disappointed. Not just with him, but with ALL the people (Turdites included) that have been speaking with apocalyptic overtones for the past month. It's all getting a little dull.

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