ASEs leave me cold. . .

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ASEs leave me cold. . .

I will buy ASEs when I get them close to spot (within a couple bucks) on the Bay. But I mostly buy silver dollars. I LOVE the ASE proof coins and would buy them preferably if I could get them anywhere close to spot. But, of course, that isn't going to happen.

Something about the finish on the bullion ASEs just looks cheap to me. So I buy lots and lots of silver dollars, whenever I can get them cheap. But I also love walking liberty halves -- so it is not the pattern on the ASE that leaves me cold, just the finish.

Anyone make rounds with a mirror finish that sell near spot? I might have to start collecting those. . .

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Sat, Nov 5, 2011 - 10:11pm
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I don't especially care for

I don't especially care for the finish of the ASEs either, but I like them if the price is less than $5 above spot. I guess lots of people like ASEs so they tend to be expensive. Unless you're buying from individuals, you just can't find ASE's or any other bullion coins at a price close to spot. Any time you can buy a 1-oz. silver coin near spot, consider yourself fortunate. Morgan and Peace dollars are a good way to go, they have many nice looks depending on wear and they feel/stack nice too.

Just today I ordered a tube of 25 1-oz. silver maples (2011), which I think have a beautiful mirror-like finish. I was thinking about buying a tube of 20 ASEs, but I started looking at the prices and thought better of it. Maybe next time. The best price I could find for 20 ASEs at APMEX was $38.18 per coin (2011) while the Maples only set me back $36.48 per coin. Every other 1-oz. coin or round they had was at least $1.00 more than the Maples.


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