Gallery of Epic Posts and Forum Threads - Best of TFMR

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Gallery of Epic Posts and Forum Threads - Best of TFMR

Welcome, fellow traveller. This site has grown tremendously from its early days - from comments on Zero Hedge by Turd, to the blogspot site (which I recommend you peruse -- in late 2010 to the current platform inaugurated in June 2011. It may be a bit difficult, especially for anyone not familiar with the history and structure of the place to find specific topics - or at least the most relevant pieces on specific issues. So this is my attempt at creating a set of virtual bookmarks - not quite a site-map, but rather a subjective compilation of what I have found to be the most valuable parts of this grand experiment (no, not the Keynesian one).

A short history of how we got here (and where here is), from Turd Ferguson himself - Preparing Accordingly:

An expansion on the original chain of thought, with specific examples of exactly why and how to prepare - lots of details on food prices:

There are many other gems at the 'old' blogspot site, which you can search by selecting 'Turd Archive' in the search box in the upper right corner.

At this forum, the content volume has exploded, the topics branched out, and a lot of the best stuff resides in the Forums, as Turd originally planned:

New Site For TF Metals Report

Some of my favorites among the many, many excellent threads:

Trading tips, current market movements, indicators, investment vehicles -- novices beware, these guys are PROS. Learn from them, but do not jump into the raging maelstrom without sufficient experience and a life preserver. While these veterans are happy to answer informed questions and intelligent queries, a strategy of listening, learning and reading BEFORE chiming in is recommended.

Pailin's Trading Corner

Everything you ever wanted to know about anything, but didn't know to ask - a library of rabbit-holes leading to unexpected, eclectic and decidedly off-the-beaten path sources of knowledge. Feel free to add your own:

Favorite/Best Alternative Information Sites

One of our best resident experts on gold (and sundry canned meats, especially bacon), Eric Original started a very informative thread about gold mining companies worth a look:

Eric O's Favorite Gold Miners

On topics of self- and home-protection, this is one of MANY threads that contain valuable info, primers, pointers and links to other sources. A good beginner's guide (though of course there are plenty of other threads discussing lead delivery systems):

Guns for people who want one for protection, but aren't into them.

Since the theme of the site is 'Preparing Accordingly', here is a kaleidoscope of some of the things folks are doing along those lines:

What Was Your Prep for Today?

In general, going to the Forums section, and sorting the threads by views/responses will generally lead you to the most popular/frequented threads.

For the lighter side of TFMR, check out these ongoing and ever-growing playlists of (for the most part) music:

What Are You Listening to: Right Now! Planet DPH >>> Life on Display 24/7

Once again, welcome on board, and happy hunting. If you like something, don't forget to use the hat tip (small yellow hat icon in the upper right corner of each post/topic). There have been plenty of very insightful, enlightening, moving and educational posts by the individual members over the past year, I will attempt to collect and post them here as I find them again. I would encourage you to do the same, if you wish.

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