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Welcome - Evolution of Consciousness

Hello, I am Scott Johnson, pleased to meet all of you.

We are merely energy waves manifesting ourselves in human form. We all come from the same essence of life.

Our Consciousness, Our Actions, Our Existence.

We are merely Universal Waves in Human Form

Relax, Observe, Enjoy

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Are You Aware?

Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes. -- Carl Jung

Have we as a people stopped to realize that we are living in a completely unique time period within the history of humanity? Can you name one other period in humanity where sharing opinions with one another has been so easily achieved and utilized via the internet? Has there ever been a time in the world with a more integrated worldwide financial and political web on the planet than today? Has humanity ever been so interconnected with no time delay? Have there ever been so many distractions for the individual to overcome in order to find himself? Has there ever been the abundance of available information for digestion by the individual, regardless if it is true or false knowledge. What are the consequences and risks of living in a society that functions in this unique paradigm compared to the previous civilizations that have thrived and fallen? Can you step out the your unique normalcy perspective and observe a broader and more undefined structure? Why is society plagued with constant war, corruption and psychological manipulation in the name of profit? Is humanity about to achieve a new awareness that frees itself from the chains of illusion?

The potential exists to collaborate with one another and evolve as a species into a higher level of consciousness in which individuals strive to understand one another, the self, and reality (and live accordingly). The challenge is great, the obstacles are daunting, the emotions are volatile, and the threat is ignorance, but the reward is the ability to truly live as a species. Open your mind, we are apart of a new age in humanity.

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See you when our frequencies cross.

Visit my blog at https://thehardrightedge.com


Sincerely, Humbly, Respectfully,

Scott J

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