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Sasha For Mascot

This topic is for the new activist movement to have SASHA TIRBITER named as the official Turdville mascot. Please come by and post a "Yes" messge to add your voice to this important new "happening". This is the SASHA DECADE (along with PMs, of course) and you want to be there with SASHA. RIGHT????

So let's meet Ms. Tirebiter -


Age: 13 months

Place of Birth: Somewhere on the Westside of Albuquerque NM

Parents: Unknown. Adopted name "Tirebiter" from owner's love of the Firesign Theatre.

Height: 11 in

Measurements: 18 20 18

Hair: Charcoal

Eyes: Amber

Education: "Informal, Street-Wise"

Turn Ons: "Sound of a can opener, long walks down the hall to my food bowl when there's tuna in it, batting around a ball of telephone wire I stole from cpnscarlet's wire stash, not getting caught clawing the furniture, and biting some part of some human when they're not expecting it."

Turn Offs: "Humans in general, but that's where tuna comes from. That other cat in the house, I can't remember her name. Oh yeah, being locked in the office every night ... and getting that spray bottle in my face when I get caught clawing the furniture or tearing out wires from cpnscarlet's train layout."

On Being the Turdville Mascot: "I've worked really hard to get where I am today (in trouble) and it would mean so much to me if I'm elected Turdville Mascot. I mean, it would be a great start for my modeling and acting career, wouldn't it? Oh yeah, and as Turdville Mascot, I would be able to help all those homeless kittens too. So please vote for me."

Editors Note: Sasha will be appearing in future issues and we are planning a group shot with her and that other cat whose name we can't remember. Should be wild! Ed.


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I vote yes.

But the other guy has a great cat too....If he enters the race I dunno,  the candidates might have to have a debate.

the pics next to the train set might win the contest.   the other guy has no train set.

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Sasha for mascot

Won me over.  Yes vote for Sasha. She would look good in a silver collar.

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yes again

I'm voting twice.  

yeah better her pic on a canadian silver  coin than that awful cougar  design.  wow

Ferd Torgerson
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I vote for Sasha.  No one's ever gotten flamed on this site for voting for a cat.  I'm pretty sure about that.  Right??  No one??


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