Quantum Hologram

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Quantum Hologram

This video and explanation of the QH does not belong here, but I post it here because there are people who know there is more to this world than meets the ego. I invite you to take an hour and listen to this enlightening lecture by a former Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and warn you that some intellectual thought is required to understand this, but in reality we all possess the ability to do it without discrimination. Yes, both smart-ass and dumb-ass are equally capable, but my vote for success goes to dumb-as because he's likely (on average) less intellectually biased. Enjoy - this is profound stuff and likely will be explored and proven in the decades to come. I found QH theory connects many different aspects of the tin foil hat world eg. Clairvoyance, PK, Akashic records, Remote Viewing to name a few. Really eye opening and holds possibilities for an evolving species:


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