Read: Bosnian Survivor account of TSHTF

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Read: Bosnian Survivor account of TSHTF

Excerpt and link to full account of Bosnian survivor of civil war TSHTF: Is there where we are headed???

"we traded things, black market worked, few examples: for 1 corned beef can you could have woman for couple of hours(sounds bad, but it was reality) i remember, most of that womans were just desperate mothers, candles, lighters,antibiotics,fuel,batteries, rifle ammo and of course food, we fight like animals for that.
In situation like that lot of things change, most of people turned to monsters, it was ugly.
Strength was in the numbers, if you were alone in the house, you ve been probably robbed and killed, no matter how well armed."

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Katie Rose
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good post

I just wanted to Thank You for this post. It contains good information.

Last year I remember reading something similar. I thought I had saved it, but can not find it now.

It listed 100 things learned from Bosnia.

I remember numbers 1 and 100.

Number 1 was having a hand pump for the well. That way when the power was out water was still available. Those with hand pumps often supplied large areas with much needed water.

Number 100 was having dairy goats.

I've got both of those, I just wish I could remember the other 98. :)


Katie Rose

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I read it too, but I'm in a

I read it too, but I'm in a "rural" setting here 500 people /km2

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No way I'll be "surviving" in

No way I'll be "surviving" in that world.  I'll pack up the family and move elsewhere.  My SHTF plan is limited to 6 months locally.  Your gold will be worth more in a foreign country than it will somewhere people are starving to death.

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