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About TF Metals Report

TF Metals Report is a blog and online community about the "end of the Great Keynesian Experiment." What does that mean?

"Keynesian" economics is the idea that governments can stimulate economic growth through deficit spending. Not surprisingly, the failure of this system has saddled this and future generations with trillions in unserviceable debt. This debt now threatens to destroy the American dollar and perhaps take the global economy down with it. What does the "metals" refer to in TF Metals Report? Many here buy precious metals (gold, silver) as a means of preserving wealth and purchasing power in the event of a currency collapse.

Your proprietor for TF Metals Report is "Turd Ferguson." Turd approaches the subject of PMs (precious metals), the markets, and the economy with a certain amount of irreverence. Even though we are dealing with serious subjects here, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Our members are affectionately known as "Turdites" and the community is known as "Turdville." We have members from all over the world representing a variety of perspectives and political viewpoints. While we generally agree in our criticism of the "Evil Empire" (a broken and corrupt banking system), Turd encourages a light-hearted approach by poking fun and expanding awareness of issues, versus calls for violent revolution.

In the TF Metals Report Blog, Turd shares his thoughts and insights as to precious metals trends and the financial markets. Because the blog is Turdville's "Main Street," we try to keep overly controversial subjects off the blog comments and take them to the forums - just like you would not bring up politics or religion at a large dinner party.

The TF Metals Report Podcast is where Turd interviews various thought leaders and experts on subjects such as market trends or economic collapse scenarios. These podcasts come out approximately every two weeks.

The forums are where Turdites can go to discuss a wide variety of subjects. While a good amount of forum discussion deals with precious metals and the economy, this is where you can also find information on preparing (for a collapse), argue about politics to your heart's content, and even share some music videos for fun.

While TF Metals Report originally had its genesis in the comments section of the highly respected economic site Zero Hedge, the community at TF Metals Report is designed to be different. If you are used to rampant flaming and "junking," please don't bring that attitude here. We ask members to be supportive and considerate of one another. Passion about topics is encouraged, but personal attacks, intolerant fanaticism, and proselytizing are not allowed. Turd runs a "benevolent dictatorship," which means he has the final word on all community matters. We also have a number of volunteer moderators whose job it is to keep threads on topic and to take care of trolls and troublemakers.

Welcome to TF Metals Report - we hope you enjoy your stay in Turdville.

Turd and the Turd Tech Team

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