For Newbies to Gold or Silver

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For Newbies to Gold or Silver

This will be old news for old hands, but there are some who come here that just don't know and are seeking knowledge.

The seeds of our destruction were - and still are - sown in the bond markets.

What is a bond? A bond is debt.

You buy a bond and the issuer uses that money and promises to pay you back with interest. Debt.

To service this debt, governments print more currency. This is the exact process of inflation, so if you print a dollar, you are diminishing the purchasing power of that dollar through dilution.

It's these growing inflationary pressures, that are leading to an accelerating devaluation of paper currencies and higher consumer prices.

All currencies are baseless and are losing their purchasing power. Physical gold and silver are not currencies, but however, are the only true money that can't be inflated away.

Protect the remaining purchasing power of what wealth you have left today. Get exposure to hard assets, whose value is tangible. Owning physical gold or silver, held by yourself is the ultimate protection. Good luck.

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Sprott Asset Mgmt, for example

Is owning a share of the Sprott Physical Silver Trust, for example, considered owning physical? Is it close to being physical or the next best thing? I buy physical when I can but I have cash sitting in my IRAs that need investing and so I thought the Sprott trusts would be a pretty good gold purchase. Thanks for your thoughts.

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