The Confirmed Securities Chitbag running

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The Confirmed Securities Chitbag running

We have a very profound warning for anybody who may be using and assuming anything on it is legit.

The history there is long as it is horrid. The enterprise was actually listed as SHC on the Venture exchange and it was looted absolutely stupid by Marcus New ... before being flipped out to confirmed securities reprobate Thom Calandra.

A simple google search on Mr. Calandra, the "founder" of Marketwatch reveals the man was actually a wicked large scalper with a $ 540k fine to the SEC to "settle" the matter. (Scalping is recommending stocks while filling the boots of anybody buying)

In order to minimize his involvement he describes himself as a journalist, but the fact is he is the principal of Stockhouse.

I have followed a deal called Fire River Gold, lead by a career Venture promoter named Mr. Harry Barr, who happens to be a paid advertiser on Stockhouse. This is a lesson in why we can never trust these types of mutts ... ever.

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