Obama & Birthplace Questions

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Obama & Birthplace Questions

Moving comments over from the main thread for discussion of Obama and his birthplace.

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Obama's time line has more holes than Keynes' theories !

He was conceived by his bare assed parents on the red clay floor of a Kenyan hovel ? His Mom gestated him and ran off without his Father to Hawaii where he could be born in a modern hospital in Paradise ? Mom and son (in swaddling clothes) then returned to Kenya to the red clay spawning floor to share a shack with his Father ? They all moved to Indonesia for several years....then back  to Hawaii ?  Is there a chronology of his first 20 years ? Monedas 2011 Has anyone ever seen a Gold coin commemorating Keynes ?


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I think there's pretty good evidence that Obama was conceived before his mother left for Kenya.  The identity of his biological father is still not known.  There have been many conjectures.  His mother then travelled to Kenya and gave birth there.  His grandmother,ie. the mother of the alleged father that Obama's mother met in Hawaii while at university, claims she witnessed his birth in Kenya.  His mother and alleged father than returned to Hawaii where his alleged father completed his Ph.D. in the States.  This is when the alleged birth certificate was signed in Hawaii to give little O his american citizenship.  His mother divorced and remarried several years later and in this second marriage gave birth to O's half-sister.  The family then left for Indonesia (mother's second husband was Indonesian) where O. remained for 3-4 years and then sent back by his mother to be raised by his maternal grandparents. Yup, there are many holes still....

Sorry for that run on.

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monedas, yes, that's about right

i believe the story was they fled hawaii for kenya/indonesia to escape the slaughter of the innocents.   they only returned after being told in a dream that the brutal hawaiian big kahuna had died.

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well, with any other suspect we'd have a perp walk...


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